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Features Included

Stamp Design Wizard

With your Custom Vantage Web System you can set up a feature known as Stamp Design Wizard, which allows your customers to create their own custom designed stamps in a fast and easy way. Customers can upload their own graphics and logos, as well as edit and format lines of text to customize their very own stamp. Also included in this feature, your customers get the help of a preview box which allows them to view their stamp, sign, or seal layout before submitting it to your shop for processing.

Custom Content CVW allows you full control over the organization of products through categories. Add unique descriptions to your products by editing products. Add images
text, links, etc. CVW also allows you to price your own products, change or update pricing whenever you feel the need to. Design and create your own homepage content and even add custom pages that you can design yourself. Fill your site with information pertaining to your shop and sell, sell, sell!

The affiliate program is a built in feature to CVW that allows you, the stamp shop to approach other businesses in your industry to work as an affiliate to your shop. Send your affiliate a unique, system generated link for them to post on their website, directing customers to your shop. When sales are made through the link, the system tracks the sale, the percentage commission the affiliate will be due and a separate report for you to easily glance at the affiliate status.

Administrative Privileges Gain total access of your site through administrator privileges. Assign employees different levels of administration as well as access to every setting, product, and element that makes up your site. An administrative privilege means you have full control over your site at all times. If you have questions while working administratively you may contact Support at Connectweb Technologies, Inc. for assistance.
Sales & Discounts

CVW contains the ability to setup coupon codes, sales, and unique customer pricing.

Manage Orders With CVW you are able to manage orders at any time. As soon as an order is placed on your site you will receive an email, notifying you of the sale. You can change the status of the order and automatically update your customers with the order status changes. You can receive payments, track orders, update order status', and much more all within your stamp shop web admin section.
Settings With CVW you are not only getting a website, but total control over that site. CVW gives you full control over setting up your shipping methods (USPS, UPS, FEDEX, or Offline Shipping), payment methods (processors all forms payment), taxes, and much more.
Language Options CVW provides you with maximum language flexibility, with dual language capability. The system includes easy to navigate site terms which give you the option to change wording and language with the click of a mouse.
Custom Product Controls Setup groupings of fonts/sizes/colors for individual customizable products
Resources Easy checklists to get started, online help documents, online training videos, tech support phone or email, hours
E-mail With your CVW service you obtain professional domain e-mail addresses for your site. No more yahoo.com or comcast.net, accounts look as professional as possible with email addresses @yourdomain.com. You may create as many email accounts as you would like within the admin of our email program. Need help with email setup? Contact Technical Support for assistance, 877-469-4678.
Flexibility Along with complete administrative privileges, CVW gives you the ability to change your site instantaneously, with no need to contact a web team, you may change your site whenever is most convenient for you and your shop. Be competitive with pricing your products, we hold no regulation over product pricing, CVW is your site, selling your products. (may need tweaking)
Drive Traffic

Getting customers to your store is a breeze with Custom Vantage Web. Categories and products are designed to be search engine friendly.
• Custom Meta Tags
• Custom Page Titles
• H1,H2,H3 Tags
• ALT tags on Images
• Flag New Products
• Category Descriptions
• Short/Long Descriptions
• Search by Keywords and Meta Tags

Process Orders Make sure your customers receive the best service possible by tracking vital order information.
• Auto-Email Customers
• Special Instructions Fields
• Merchant Note Fields
• Track Returned and Shipped Items
• Ship via UPS Online Tools
• Track Packages
• Void Shipments
• Edit Orders
• Process Payments and Credits
• Print Invoices and Packing Slips
• Production Reports